Diaphragm vs. Piston Flushometer: What is the Best Option for Your Property?

17 December 2021

Restrooms are spaces in residential, commercial, and other properties that must be fully equipped with the right fixtures and other elements. After all, they help people maintain proper personal hygiene and prevent getting sick or illnesses.

One common element that these spaces possess is a flushometer. A flushometer maximises water pressure from the water source itself by flushing out the content of the toilet. Unlike conventional toilets, flushometers do not have to rely on water tanks, making them more efficient in terms of water consumption. They can likewise provide high-performance wash and flush.

To date, there are two types of flushometers that property owners like you can maximise. These are the diaphragm flushometer and piston flushometer. When choosing between the two, here are some things that you must consider.

Usage Frequency

One of the things that you must consider when choosing between the two types of flushometers is their intended usage frequency. Depending on the location where it will be installed, you must pick the one that could handle the number of people using it. If your toilet is meant to be maximised in high-traffic environments, then you should opt for a diaphragm flushometer. Thanks to its static sealing mechanism, a diaphragm flushometer can easily last for a long time even if it is being used regularly. In low-traffic environments, alternatively, you may choose from both types of flushometers.

Water Quality

Another thing that you must consider in choosing the best flushometer for your restroom is the water quality of your place. Poor water quality can easily affect the performance and reliability of flushometers and other plumbing system components. It can even generate leaks, damages, and other issues along the way. If you are not sure about the quality of your water, then you may want to pick a diaphragm flushometer since it often boasts thick diaphragm sections. A piston flushometer can be a good pick for your restroom if your water quality is great.

Operating Conditions

One more thing that you must consider is the operating conditions of your property. Just like other fittings in your restroom, your flushometer can only operate optimally if it matches your operating conditions. A piston flushometer can be good for your property if it maximises a low-pressure and weak system. A diaphragm flushometer, on the other hand, is great for a high-pressure system. Opting for a piston flushometer in a high-pressure system will only slow it down or even get damaged as the system does not recover very easily after a flushometer cycle.

Flushometers, whatever their types are, can easily save your property a lot of water. And as time passes, your property can surely contribute to the betterment of the environment. To know more about flushometers, you can contact us at G. Brand & Sons. We specialise in the service and replacement of flushometers for both commercial and residential properties throughout Melbourne.

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