5 Basic Elements that Can Affect the Service Life of Flushometers

28 June 2021

Tons of devices can help plumbing systems carry out their functions effectively. One of these devices is the flushometer. Flushometers are plumbing devices that can control the flow of water in toilets. These devices do not utilise tanks and gravity to flush the toilets. Instead, they maximise water pressure from the plumbing system to flush the water down of the toilet bowls and urinals.

Flushometers have been essential to commercial buildings such as malls, restaurants, pubs, and public places due to their accompanying benefits. For one, their tankless design allows them to effectively flush the water without any delays. Their minimal form factor also makes the flushometers more efficient in terms of required space. They likewise require minimum maintenance since their number of parts and components is lower than their counterparts.

But even with these benefits, the service life of flushometers can still be affected by various elements. Here are the 5 basic elements that can affect the service life of flushometers.

  1. Level of Usage

Flushometers can be truly helpful to commercial buildings due to their ability to flush the water without any delays. However, the number of people entering the commercial buildings and using the toilets can be abundant. With the continuous use of flushometers, owners of commercial buildings can expect them to obtain shorter service life along the way, affecting the overall operations of their toilets.

  1. Installation

Just like other plumbing devices and components, flushometers must be installed appropriately to avoid generating serious issues. If the flushometers are installed correctly, they can easily maximise the water pressure from the plumbing system without causing any plumbing issues. Alternatively, if the flushometers are not installed properly, then their performance can significantly drop throughout their use.

  1. Maintenance

Maintenance, particularly preventative maintenance, is crucial to the longevity of flushometers. By conducting preventative maintenance, the flushometers will be checked and serviced regularly throughout their service life. Professional plumbers will identify parts and components that need to be repaired or replaced. They must, however, ensure that the parts will be high-quality and genuine. Installation of parts that are not durable or compatible with the flushometers can deteriorate their service life.

  1. Water Quality

Another basic element that can affect the service life of flushometers is the water quality. Water that passes through the plumbing system can contain a wide array of particles and microorganisms. However, if it has high levels of chlorine, then it may affect the surface of flushometer components. The presence of excessive debris and dirt particles can also damage the flushometer components over time.

  1. Misuse

As previously stated, flushometers are typically installed on commercial buildings. Given the nature of these buildings, the number of people who are utilising the toilets can be huge. Additionally, they manifest different behaviours when it comes to using public utilities. There will be people who might not use the flushometers properly. Some may even damage and destroy them intentionally, which can then affect the overall service life of flushometers.

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