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Why Thermostatic Mixers are Ideal for Nursing Homes, Hospitals and Child Care Centres

December 6, 2016

Safety and hygiene are the main priorities at places such as nursing homes, hospitals and childcare centres. Administrators are charged with ensuring that they offer the best conditions at their facilities, especially in bathrooms and washrooms…

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Best 24-Hour Plumbing Services in Melbourne CBD and the Southern Suburbs

December 1, 2016

It’s good to be prepared when an emergency plumbing problem arises, unfortunately, there are many people who are not ready for any unexpected emergencies and do not have a plumber’s number to call for help…

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DIY Tricks Don't Work with Burst Pipes: Call Your Professional Plumbers ASAP

November 17, 2016

Burst pipes are a serious problem that can we wreak havoc in a home, causing water damage that can easily reach into the thousands of dollars to repair…

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Quality Pipelines Matter in Plumbing Projects

November 4, 2016

While most property owners don’t pay much attention to the plumbing of their buildings, unless there is a problem, the quality of pipes and fittings really does matter, in many ways. In fact, the quality of pipes in pipelines matter in all types of plumbing projects…

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Hire a Plumbing Contractor for your New House

October 24, 2016

You don’t need a plumbing lesson to understand its importance in the construction of a new house. Still, it is something many property owners overlook, which is understandable with so much to look after when building a home…

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Environmental and Energy Saving Impact of Rainwater Harvesting

October 10, 2016

Sadly, it’s true, nearly half of the world’s population lacks the most basic natural resource for survival – fresh water. Even in Australia, there are many people who are without readily available water from municipal sources, such as piped in water, or a well, or that have access to a flowing stream…

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Advantages of Metal Roofing for Commercial Properties

September 28, 2016

When it comes to roofing for commercial properties, cost is not everything, as property owners also need to consider energy efficiency, disaster resistance, and overall functionality of roofing materials. This is exactly why more interest in metal roof options are excelling across the world…

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Understanding Your Septic System for Better Care and Maintenance

September 20, 2016

If you have a septic system on your property, then understanding how it works will definitely help you to maintain it. Honestly, many property owners are unfamiliar with how a septic system works, not surprising because not everyone is a plumber. …

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Why Should You Hire A Master Plumber for Your New Home Construction?

August 18, 2016

If you ask the average homeowner about one thing that they would like to change, if they could go back when their home was being constructed, many would say they would pay more attention to the plumbing…

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Safer Water System with Backflow Preventers

August 9, 2016

Water is life, and drinking clean, safe water is paramount to one’s health. That is why backflow preventers – special plumbing devices – are a necessity in every home, or in any building where humans use pumped in water to bathe, cook, clean or drink…

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Tips in Prolonging the Life of Your Plumbing System

July 29, 2016

Most people don’t think much about maintaining the plumbing system in their homes or businesses, until ‘something’ goes wrong, like a leaky faucet, a clogged drain, or any number of other plumbing problems that can develop in a building…

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The Flushometer Technology and How It Really Works

July 20, 2016

Know it or not, flushometer technology is everywhere, and though you may not be familiar with the name, a flushometer is a plumbing device you've surely seen and used, at some point. Flushometers in the past were mostly used in commercial buildings and in public restrooms…

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Rainwater Harvesting Services and Its Benefits

June 23, 2016

It's true, Australia is the driest continent in the world, which is why catching rainwater has been practised all over the country. Now that many more people now live in cities, compared to decades ago, catching rainwater isn't utilised as much because…

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When a DIY Job Cannot Fix Blocked Sewers Anymore

June 15, 2016

The majority of homeowners expect their sewer line to work properly day after day until a clog occurs in the line. When this happens, the homeowners typically search for the source of the problem first on their own to try DIY methods to unclog the pipes, if at all possible…

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Understanding Thermostatic Mixing Valves and Its Benefits

May 31, 2016

Gone are the days when you had to deal with sudden hot and cold streams of water that either burned your skin or made you inconveniently uncomfortable. Over the last few years, thermostatic mixing valves have been installed in commercial and residential homes at an incredible rate, for good reasons…

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Choosing the Right Toilet Fittings Help Avoid Potential Plumbing Problems

May 16, 2016

Choosing the right toilet fittings might not seem like one of the most important tasks on your list of things to do, but if you get the right ones you can definitely avoid a lot of problems in the bathroom…

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Warning Signs of A Potential Plumbing Disaster and How We Can Help!

Apr 29, 2016

Plumbing problems are getting increasingly common for homeowners, especially the longer they live in their homes, from blocked drains to unusual flushing of the toilets, dealing with such issues is stressful…

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Water Conservation Using Flushometers

Apr 12, 2016

Conserving water has always been a good thing, not only for the economic benefits, but for the nature too. Basically, water conservation is about efficiently using water so as not to waste it, as well as save it for storage…

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backflow diagram

Safety and Health Benefits of Using Backflow Preventers

Mar 24, 2016

The basic necessities in life are water, shelter and food; clean water being the most important aspect of basic human health, without it, people wouldn't live long…

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24-hour Emergency Plumbing Service: Because We Care!!!

Mar 10, 2016

Welcome to G. Brand & Sons Plumbing, we are professional plumbers of the highest calibre, specialising in residential, commercial and industrial plumbing services…

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Commercial and Industrial Plumbing: Hiring the Right Professionals to Do the Job

Feb 29, 2016

All types of commercial and industrial businesses need plumbing services, eventually. As there are many types of companies, commercial and industrial plumbing have become specialised fields that service new construction plumbing…

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Commercial Hot Water Plumbing and Hot Water Services

Feb 17, 2016

There is nothing like the comforts of a long, hot shower after a tiring day at work or play. Hot baths have always epitomised domestic comfort since the beginning of civilisation, and what it represented then still holds true to this day…

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Commercial Plumbing Safety and Maintenance

Jan 28, 2016

Plumbing is an essential and indispensable modern luxury that most people take for granted. If and when it fails on the other hand, people clamour for the best-possible and most 'affordable' plumbing service. Not much has changed over the last few decades, with respect to your typical plumbing service, it is still a personalised business…

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metal roof

Commercial Metal Roofing and Its Advantages: Why Choose Us?

Jan 14, 2016

Metal roofing may be considered something altogether new and different to someone unfamiliar with roofing materials. With the growing revival of old-fashioned shingle roofing and the ever-increasing number of individuals who have ditched conventional aluminium, galvanised iron, and sheet-metal roofing, it’s a wonder how metal roofs are any different from the now out-of-fashion trend of metal-based roofs…

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